Monday Motivation: One of the greatest lesson is to be you

Monday Motivation: One of the greatest lesson is to be you

In the world today, we have many people missing life chances, not because they are incapable, but because they are not bold enough to accept who they are. This is not to say you need to settle for less, but you need to build on what you have, to get what you want.

As Tupac has rightly said, a lot of people die with no one knowing about the talent they possess, because they are too scared to start, or so concerned about what people will say or think about their imperfection. We are all mortals striving for perfection, hence, no one has the legitimacy of perfection or to judge you.

If you leave this world, unable to complete your calling or being a failure; you only have yourself to blame, not the government or your parents; its you!

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